I wanted to write a letter to thank the staff of the Readernomics Reading Tutorial Program for the wonderful experience that we had. The tutors were always friendly and pleasant and always made our son feel right at home. Our son, Reginald, began Readernomics tutoring in the summer of 2007. Although Reginald had completed the 3rd grade, his reading was below grade level. Reginald had low self-esteem when it came to reading in front of his classmates. He didn’t think he was as good a reader as some of the other students. So, he was very nervous when it was time to read. Although he was different at home, he didn’t know how to show others that he could read well. One of my family members referred us to the Readernomics Reading Tutorial Program. Reginald attended two one hour sessions each week and was taught to read 
correctly. Upon returning to school, his teachers noticed an increase in his confidence level  and reading ability. Reginald’s reading comprehension and academic skills have greatly improved. Throughout 4th grade Reginald was a 3.0 honors student. With continued hard work, we know our son will be successful during the current school year. The Readernomics program has played an important role in our child’s improvement and our family is grateful for what Readernomics has done for Reginald.

Mr. & Mrs. Williamson

I am writing this letter to give praise and honor to the Readernomics Reading Tutorial Program. I have three grandchildren who were not progressing in the D.C. school system. All three were failing in reading, math, spelling and communications skills. They were all well below their grade levels and their schools threatened to retain them. My son and daughter in-law referred me to the Readernomics program. After contacting Mr. Robertson, I was invited to bring my grand children for evaluation. His staff assessed them and created learning plans for all three. My grand children began the Readernomics program in February, the beginning of the second semester of the 2007 school year. Four weeks into the program, you could clearly see the improvement in their academics and their attitudes. Their teachers noticed the improvement and gave me positive feedback on the tutoring each was receiving. Needless to say, my grand children did not repeat. All three passed to their next grade and each child is looking forward to the new school year. Readernomics has been a blessing to our family and the community. A special thanks goes out to Mr. Robertson for his time, patience, dedication and commitment to the children of the Readernomics Reading Tutorial Program.

Mrs. Gloria E. Lewis